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We belong to the Santa Clara Girl Scout Council

We use a Yahoo Group for much of our communication. To protect the privacy of our girl scouts, new members must be approved by the moderator.

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Starting High Adventure In Your Council

High Adventure has been around in the Santa Clara Girl Scout Council for over 11 years. We've developed a binder of good resources and information that we would like to share. Right now it hasn't all been put up on the web, but here is a sampling. For each event we have at least 3 adults with clearly defined responsibilities.


      The coordinator's responsibilities are as follows:
  • To organize and produce 6 events per year that are approved by the GSSCC council's older Girl Program Manager and that meet GS safety guidelines.
  • To deliver programs that are developed with girl input.
  • To focus on opportunities for girls to increase problem solving ability, confidence building and master outdoor skills.
  • To provide clear guidelines and supervision during High Adventure activities.
  • To provide leadership and interpret GS policy and program to adults who attend High Adventure activities.
  • To role model the use of humor, tolerance, and good will in group team building.

Meal Coordinator

      The event meal coordinator has many jobs to do. They are as follows:
  • Leads the group in brain storming to select meals for the event
  • Once the itinerary is set, presents possible meal plans to the group. Menus are selected based on the time available for meal preparation, the day's activities, and group preference
  • Given preferences of the group, numbers and time restraints, sets up the menu within the allotted budget.
  • Sets up the caper chart based on the complexity of the meal and preparation time available. This includes meal set up & preperation, clean up, snacks, drink preparation, and wash station maintenance.
  • Coordinates meal capers w/the adult setting up the camp caper chart.
  • Prepares an equipment list to cover the cooking needs of the meals.
  • Has adults sign up to bring equipment needed.
  • Shops for food or assigns assistants to do this, manages the safety of the food by keeping it cold on ice, stored properly. IF water must be brought in to the site, calculates the amount needed and arranges to have this brought to the site.
  • During event, manages the food supply, times out the meal preparation, and trains the girls in meal preparation as they go along. Notifies the event coordinator of needs for ice, supplies, etc. Assigns adults to assist w/meal preparation as needed.
  • At the end of the event, coordinates return of borrowed cooking equipment, disposes of left over food and provides the administrative coordinator w/bills and receipts for expenses.
  • Provides a written evaluation of the meal preparation experience for that event, w/recommendations for the future cooking coordinators.
  • Updates High Adventure Source Book and participates in a girl adult training for High Adventure events.